Fulcrum Mobile

Fulcrum Mobile is the name we give to our bespoke web-app, which is used to manage projects for you and communicate with you.

It allows you to track the progress of each project that we undertake and lets you see what is being spent and on what. On start-up, each project is given a budget covering the agreed work schedule. Each day we upload expenditure and timesheets so that you can see what is being incurred against that budget, through each stage of the work.

Information at your fingertips

See the progress of your project, view expenditure and timesheets or send us a message using our new Web App, Fulcrum Mobile. It offers you certainty and transparency, and a visual report that you can always rely on.

Key Features of our web-app are

  • Digital reporting of each case
  • Client sees dedicated page for each project
  • Timesheets captured via mobile each day
  • Once approved, incurred cost is calculated and updated automatically
  • Project expenditure and invoices are added as cost is incurred
  • Project cost updated in real time and compared with overall budgeted cost

Initial feedback has been excellent, Mobile is proving to be a great addition to our service

Andy Little


  • Transparency
  • Dashboard displaying overview of current and future costs
  • Ability to audit / view documents and timesheets
  • Facility to communicate and share information with the Project Manager
  • No last minute surprises – reserves constantly reviewed, approved and updated